Minimalistic Website

December 29, 2020

When I decided to make my own website, I wanted to make things just how I like them – stupid simple.

I knew I wanted to use static site generators and I first tried Jekyll which does what it promises. The problem is that it takes time to build the pages and the whole process and especially dependencies is very confusing if you've never programmed in Ruby before.
Also, how many same looking Jekyll blogs have you seen recently? Most of them look identical and this makes them lose their personality and character.

I then stumbled upon a video that addressed the problem that I had with static site generators. So I switched to ssg5.

I have two CSS files and 22 lines of JavaScript to switch between the styles (modern and retro). Why 90's retro? To give my site some personality, so to speak. So if you think my website is too simple for the modern age or is too ugly, know that this is done on purpose! I personally I find it very comfy.

Also, check out the advice by the creator of ssg5 on how to get started with web development. I know nothing about the topic, but I like the point he makes.